Feelings Check-in Toolkit

Ideas for understanding how you're feeling


Reminder: Feelings are feelings. All feelings are OK. The important bit is how we manage our feelings


  • Feelings can be hard to make sense of. You might not even know why you feel a certain way.

  • Feelings are simply feelings. not good or bad , just feelings.

  • All feelings are OK. You can be furious, or sad, or worried. You are human and like everyone else you’re going to experience all sorts of emotions in your lifetime.

  • Being unhappy, angry or worried is fine. It becomes a problem when you can’t stop feeling like that for no obvious reason.

  • What is good to remember is that while feelings are OK; it’s what you do with those feelings that really matter.

  • We want you to be able to cope in the best possible way.

  • Remember we are all unique and special. We ALL feel emotions differently.

  • Taking a moment to check in with how we are feeling can help. 

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We are trying some different ideas out. Some are quick, others need a bit more thought. We're all different so find ones that work for you. 

 We'd love to hear your feedback and any ideas you have for other tools or making these ones better...

What am I feeling? (from the online version of the Wellbeing and Resilience Action Plan)


How are you doing?

Feelings scales 

How RU Doing Today? Check-in Questions

Small Steps 

Today I am Feeling...? Lots of different feelings words.

Download the feelings tracker booklet (large pdf)