It's OK! You've got this

Thumbs up girlHSK Youth can support you to look after your own emotional wellbeing and mental health. From going back to school, exam stress, feeling safe (whether you are online or out and about) or needing a distraction to help you relax, we've got loads of ideas and information.

There is a lot of pressure around exams and the stress can sometimes seem overwhelming but there are ways to keep stress levels in check

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Exam Stress

Are the holidays over already? Is it really time to go back to school? Make sure you're ready with our wellbeing ideas

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Back to School

Online life is mostly great but sometimes it can go wrong... check out this info about staying safe

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Feel Safe, Stay Safe

Try these ideas to help you relax or distract you

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Need a distraction?

You can get help and support from a number of organisations in Cornwall and nationally. If you are in crisis and need urgent help there are suggestions here too.

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Get Help