About us (mostly stuff for parents and professionals) 

What is HeadStart Kernow?

HeadStart Kernow is a partnership programme to develop resilience and mental well-being in young people. It is Cornwall Council-led and funded .by The National Lottery Community Fund. Cornwall was awarded £8.9m by TNLCF. 

HeadStart Kernow is:

  • focused on young people aged 10 – 16 as evidence clearly demonstrates that half of diagnosed lifetime mental ill-health cases begin before the age of 14, and 75% before the age of 18;
  • co-produced with young people who inform and influence it and are key stakeholders;
  • universal, and about prevention with targeted support;
  • a  ‘Test and Learn’ programme;
  • striving to achieve system change;
  • doing things differently – we embrace new and innovative ways of thinking and working and people are at the forefront of what we do

#StartNow is

a call to action to young people and the adults around them to consider resilience and mental wellbeing and to make sure YP know:

  • How to look after their own wellbeing (using the 5 ways…)
  • Where to get help
  • Who to ask for help
  • How to ask for help
  • Have their voice heard in schools and wider community

Secondary Schools

We are working closely with secondary schools across Cornwall and we are especially to make sure all students are engaged and involved in work to support wellbeing and mental health in their school. 

Website design

This website has been created in consultation with young people in Cornwall. Thanks to Annika for the design concept of the sidebar with clouds.