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Hello, Welcome to the Start Now Wellbeing Action Plan!

It’s been created by young people in Cornwall as part of their involvement in HSK Youth. HSK Youth helps to make sure young people’s voice about emotional wellbeing and Mental Health is heard in Cornwall.

Coronavirus has meant we haven't been able to film our introduction which we planning to do with the young people who created the WAP just before the lockdown - can YOU help? Check out our 'That's a WAP!' challenge.


What is it for?

We all have mental health in the same way we have physical health. So sometimes you're in tip-top health and someitmes your body gets ill or gets hurt. In the same way your mental health can change sometimes:

  • You’re feeling great!
  • You’re just about OK
  • You can be a bit down in the dumps
  • Sometimes your mental health can get to the point where it’s not OK at all and it’s important to get some extra support.

wellbeing continuum

The Wellbeing Action Plan is for everyone wherever you’re at. It’s full of self-care ideas and great reminders about the things that help you to do well. When needed it gives you the tools to help you recognise when you need to get support and how to find it.

 The Wellbeing Action Plan has been put together by young people just like you. All the ideas have worked for someone but none have worked for everyone… you are unique and so should your plan be too. Choose the things in your plan that are going to be best for you.

 And if YOU have a great idea that’s helped you that you would like to share with others, let us know and we'll add it! Contact us using the Get in touch link.

So, how does it work?

The Wellbeing Action Plan is made up of these sections:

  • Things that support my wellbeing
  • Things to avoid when you're feeling low
  • Triggers, challenges and early warning signs
  • Getting help and support
  • My one minute safety plan

 Plus some extra things to help you:

The wellbeing toolkit 

Lots of ideas and activities to support your wellbeing. 

What am I feeling? 

Understand your emotions and feelings.

Getting Started

You can dive right in and have a look round now but if you fill anything it won’t be saved. If you want to save and keep your plan to update / print off you’ll need to log in.

thoughtful boy imageIMPORTANT 

The website is super safe and no-one can see / access your Wellbeing Action Plan once you’ve logged out so it’s OK to do your plan on a shared computer at school… no one will be able to access your plan except you….

Oh, and check out our privacy and data protection policies  to see how we look after your information

So, back to getting started…

You can choose which sections to complete and you can do them in any order.

There are spaces for you to add your ideas and information in each of the sections and if you’re stuck for ideas click on the suggestions button to see what others have found useful. You can click on any of the ideas to add them to you plan.

When you’re ready you can download a pdf and print a copy to have with you. You can even choose how your printed copy looks by selecting from the different backgrounds available.

You can complete the Wellbeing Action Plan on your own or work through it with a trusted adult.

It’s a good idea to revisit and refresh your plan every so often as our mental health and wellbeing changes for all sorts of reasons… and it can be encoraging to check-in and see how well you're doing...

We hope you find it helpful. We’d love your feedback and suggestions

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