Eat well 

We hear lots about healthy eating and getting your 5 a Day  - 5 portions of fruit and veg  - and having a healthy balanced diet... BUT did you know that: 

A healthy diet is also important for your wellbeing and mental health. Have a look at this film to find out more.


 The Eatwell Plate - a really good guide to healthier eating

eatwell plate

(Click on the Eatwell Plate to download a copy)

It can be hard to keep a healthy diet. Especially when there's a temptation to eat sweets and junk food. But it's important to get a balance in your diet of the right amount of each food group.


A balanced diet also includes drinks. Your body needs to stay hydrated to keep healthy. But think about what you drink. Caffeine and sugary drinks:

  • can cause mood swings
  • affect your energy levels, feeling full of energy before a "sugar low" where you may feel tired and grumpy
  • can make you put on weight if you have too much sugar
  • can give you trouble sleeping if you have them at night.

It's best to drink water and natural juices which don't have loads of sugar.