Get involved

Start Now is all about supporting young people in Cornwall. And the best poeple to help with that are... YOU! 

Since the project began young people in Cornwall have lead the programme and made an incredible contribution... 

Start Now is about helping young people understand what mental health is and how you can look after it! So you can:

  • Know how to look after your own wellbeing 
  • Realise when you need help
  • Know where to get help
  • Be confident to ask for help
  • Help your friends
  • Make sure your voice and your views are heard

If you are aged 10-16 in Cornwall you could:  

  • Create the Who's Who resource(s)
  • Join the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Youth Ambassador Network 
  • Connect with other young people 
  • Help your school look after your wellbeing better 
  • Create content for the website - artwork, animation, blogs, music, stories...
  • Have your say about Cornwall Council services as part of the Youth Engagement Strategy
  • Make a difference - like the young people who've been involved so far.

Every 10-16 year old in Cornwall is welcome...  Why don't you join us!


Young people have been at the heart of the programme since the beginning. Helping to shape and guide the programme

'We are going to build the resilience and emotional wellbeing of young people until they can spread the word and help others themselves.

Wouldn’t that be just amazing!.... '

YIM listen pic