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It’s okay not to be okay.

There are lots of places in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly where young people can find support and advice

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YOUth in Mind is OUR film project - where WE call the shots. We've just celebrated the first year with an amazing Awards Ceremony at the Eden Project. Here is one of the fantastic films we made. YOU could be in the next one!


Five ways to wellbeing

1. connect
2. be active
3. take notice
4. time for you
5. give
6. roll again!

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My coping strategies is to go to the beach. Listening to the waves helps me focus on my breathing. I imagine my worries/anxieties are being washed away. I like to feel the cold water on my feet & I realise I don’t need to focus my energy on worries

- L , Camelford

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