Off School / Staying Home?Curly haired boy

Some tips for getting through... 


1. Routine is really important

If you can't do your normal routine - make a new one!

Get up / get clean / get dressed

Eat regular healthy meals and avoid snacking on (too many) sweets and treats 

Create a timetable and include:

  • schoolwork / study;
  • helping around the house; 
  • exercise;
  • time for fun / play;
  • time just for you


We've got a timetable template here or you could make your own...

This fab 'Daily Check In' chart was created by Chelsea who's involved with Young People Cornwall (Top Tip: YPC are offering terrific support in all sorts of ways including an opportunity for online chat if your're worried about anything. Check them out).


2. Stay Connected 

Stay in touch with friends and family  - speak on the 'phone or a video call but also send cards ( make your own?) or a letter too.


3. Take time away from technology

Our technology is great and helps us stay in touch. There's also a lot of stuff that can add to worries. Take a break and do something like colouring or crafts - anything you can get lost in and helps you stop thinking about what's happening for a time.


4. Catch your worries, name them and tame them

 If you find yourself worrying... try and catch them by writing them down. Are they something you can ask an adult about - it might reassure to have some good information? Are they things you can control / do something about? If yes Think, if this does happen what can you plan to do to tame it... 

Sometimes our worries seem really big and scary when,  if you share them with others and really look at them, you see they are really quite manageable...You Got This

Check out The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside... It is a great story about doing just that. 


5. Plan for after this is over... 

 It will be over eventually. Think about what will you do when you get back to school or meet up with your friends and family... Have something to look forward to. We have a great idea for a Jar of Wishes in the on-line wellbeing toolkit 



More Suggestions 

Check out the fantastic Childline Coronavirus pages for more ideas and things to help you get through

Children's guide to coronavirus  - answers to lots of questions you may have. 

Advice for you when your parent is a key worker