Resilience Hero is here!

You are a young person who has just arrived in Frogsmouth:  a fictional town on the coast of Cornwall.  

 Armed with the Resilience Framework and aided by your talking dog, you spend a year making new friends, rising to meet new challenges and discovering your personal strengths as you become the ultimate Resilience Hero!

You may need to wait a moment for the game to load the first time you play - please be patient! 

Resilience Hero has been created by the awesomely talented Luke and Hannah especially for Headstart Youth - Thank you both!

October 2023 

  • Resilience Hero is new and we are still doing a bit of a bug hunt and check everything is doing what it should. so bear with us. 
  • One thing still to come is the ability to save your game part way through and be able to come back and pick up from where you left it. Not quite there yet but coming. 

res hero tile with game link

Acknowledgement: (The Resilience Framework originated from the research and work of Professor Angie Hart, Dr Derek Blincow and Helen Thomas in 2007. See for further details).