St Ives School Top Tips

  • Don’t over focus on exams
  • Have a good routine
  • Don’t cram before
  • Don’t add unnecessary pressure
  • Eat well
  • Have time for social life
  • Pace revision – don’t do it all at once
  • Breathe
  • You Got This!
  • Make sure to revise
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself
  • Section your work
  • Use flash cards
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Choose the best way of revising for you
  • Don’t get too overwhelmed with the workload – spread out the work
  • Look after yourself
  • Take deep breaths
  • Make sure you have time to yourself
  • Pace out revision so it’s not all at once
  • Make a revision timetable
  • Use your time wisely
  • Prioritise
  • Try not to procrastinate
  • Take your time
  • Don’t over think
  • Plan ahead
  • Use YouTube videos for topics to help you revise
  • Schools to make sure pupils know what it going to happen and when, so they have time to plan for and know what is happening in advance

The students' top tips fall into roughly two areas: 

Practical Stuff 

about planning / revision and tools to use to support you

Wellbeing Stuff

Managing stress levels and making sure you are in good condition when you sit down and turn that paper over.

We've got ideas to help you with both....