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Digital 5 a day

Are you getting your Digital 5 A Day?Digi 5 a Day

Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you never eat pizza or chocolate again but it is important that you eat them in moderation – along with your 5 fruits and veg a day! In the same way, you don’t have to give up your smartphone forever to have a healthy digital diet.

When phones, social media and games make us feel worried, stressed and a bit out of control, it often means that we haven’t got the balance quite right. 


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Try these 5 Ways to Online Wellbeing:


Have fun and play with friends and family both online and offline


Be Active

Take some time off and get active - movement helps boost emotional wellbeing


Get Creative

Don’t just browse the internet but use digital tools to create content, to build new skills and discover new passions


Give to Others

Be positive online, report bad content and help others to balance their own 5-a-day


Be Mindful

If time online is causing stress or tiredness then take some time off and ask for help when you need it


Check out You Tuber Luke... taking the 5 a Day Challenge



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