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Well, it's certainly going to be yet another different 'Back to School' for everyone this September...

(hopefully without bubbles, masks and lateral flow tests!

Headstart Youth hope that all 10 - 16 year olds in Cornwall:

Feel positive about the school year ahead

Know how to look after wellbeing and be able to find coping strategies for when things get a bit much

Feel OK to ask for help


So, as well as checking out whether your uniform still fits... and getting a new pencil case (and at least 10 highlighter pens); and a Chelsea lunch box...Make sure you''re ready for back to school by getting...

Great Back to School wellbeing ideas...
new relaxing

  • Starting Secondary School this term? - Check out Transition Mission
  • Worry Walt's "What to do about Worries"  - Whether you've got a few worries about going back to school after a bit of a weird year or starting at a new school, you're not alone, lots of students feel this way and it's perfectly normal!
  • Wellbeing & Resilience Action Plan: - make your own wellbeing action plan and find loads of really great ideas to download in the Wellbeing Toolkit. Great ideas like a calming breathing exercise with Beerbohm the Yoga Cat (a brilliant animation made by Zenna one of the Headstart Youth Team)
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Great ways to help you look after your wellbeing 
  • Sleep: During lockdown lots of people (adults and children) found their sleep patterns got a bit mixed up. We've got some great advice for getting back to a normal routine - so you'll get back to school ready for the term ahead and on time each day
  • Eating Well  A healthy diet can really help your wellbeing and mental health and boost your brain power for learning!
  • Fun stuff: Need a distraction or something to do to help you relax? we've got a few ideas

Parents and carers - try this useful booklet - Support YP Through Secondary Transition


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