More about Feelings

Sometimes feelings can be overwhelming 

Worry and Anxiety

Low Mood and Depression




Coping when feelings feel overwhelming

 Here are some ideas young people have shared about how they learnt to understand and deal with their feelings:

Let it out! (safely) 

Sometimes our feelings can become too much to bear. Try some of these ideas to help let them out safely…

  • Have a pillow fight with the wall or punch a pillow
  • Strenuous exercise  - do sit ups!
  • Tear up paper into really small pieces
  • Run / cycle / Go for a stompy walk
  • Sing at the top of your voice
  • Throw socks against the wall
  • Paint / colour / scribble 
  • Play with a stress ball or burst bubble wrap

When you've let the feelings go and you're feeling better try a breathing or relaxation activity to help (you can find some ideas in the Wellbeing Toolkit

There are some great ideas  for coping with feelings in this video!