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Youth in Mind 

Youth in MInd is the film project where YOU call the shots! 

We have been working with Pirate FM to give young people a chance to come up with ideas for films to share the messages YOU want to get across. 

You are in charge from creating the idea to story-boarding, planning the script, to being behind the camera and being in the film.

Check out our previous videos here. Let us know what you think and if you’ve got an idea for a topic, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!


One Planet, One Chance

Young people in Cornwall have made an informative video about how plastics and pollution are impacting the planet and a few things you can be doing to help. Find out more about how you can get involved in campaigning for a greener future for Cornwall and beyond. Get involved.

I wish they understood...

I wish they understood...
Created by pupils at Richard Lander School "I wish they understood..." looks at situations and comments that young people find themselves facing...

"Managing Our Emotions" Wheel by Carbeile

"Managing Our Emotions" Wheel

As part of Mental Health Day 2021 Students from Carbeile Junior School in Cornwall wanted to share their "Managing Our Emotions" Wheels. They explain how being able to recognise how they are feeling and have some simple coping strategies to hand can help themselves and help them help their friends. Thank you #TeamCarbeile

Transition Mission the Movie

The Y6 Leavers from Trekenner School were keen to think about their transition to their new school, Launceston College, in September 2021. They talked about some of the things they might be worried about. Then they came up with some worry busting advice for other Y6s who may be worried... so they made this film

Check out the Transition Mission page for more of their top tips for transition 

A True Story of Bullying Online - by a young person in Cornwall.

This is the true story of one young person in Cornwall who asked us to share their story.
They wanted to help other young people stay safe online and and encourage them to tell a trusted adult and ask for help.
A huge thank you to them for having the courage to share their story and for wanting to help others.
If you would like to understand more about staying safe online or If you need help or are worried about someone you know go to: https://ciossafeguarding.org.uk/scp/p... #CETheSigns

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