Five ways to wellbeing - Connect



Connect with the people around you.

With family, friends, and neighbours.

At home, school or in your local community.

Building connections will support you every day.

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Ways to connect:

  • With family – share your day and ask about theirs
  • At school - speak to someone new. Smile and speak to someone as you pass them in the corridor
  • Ask a friend about their weekend and pay attention and listen when they tell you
  • Talk to someone in person or on the phone instead of messaging or social media
  • Make contact with someone you used to hang out with
  • Find an old photo of friends or family and share it with them
  • Don’t use your phone for a day (or at least for a few hours!)
  • Take your headphones off when in a shop
  • Ask your parents or carer about their childhood
  • Don’t use the self-checkout in a shop and talk to the shop assistant
  • Write a letter or send a postcard to someone
  • Smile at a person on the street and say hello
  • Share a random or inspirational photo with your friends
  • Set up a social network group with a new group of friends
  • Message a friend. It doesn’t matter what it says, people appreciate it when you think of them.
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