Welcome to YOUth in Mind! The place where YOU call the shots. We have been working behind the scenes on this exciting new project since the start of the year and we are now very pleased to be able to share the work of our first cohort, who it has to be said – did an amazing job!

Our first Youth In Mind workshop was all about planning the project. At that point we only had a working title and no promotional material at all. Not because we’re underprepared … but because this is a project for you guys! The idea is that you own and guide things right from the start. So our first workshop was focused on creating a name, a logo and promotional material.

A bit of brainstorming later and the name ‘Youth in Mind’ was agreed on and, after a logo workshop with Shaun in our digital department, the awesome logo you now see plastered all over this site and Pirate FM was designed.

Our radio workshop resulted in an advert which has now been aired to hundreds of thousands of listeners on Pirate FM and our video workshop resulted in this.

It all sounds like it went perfectly well, doesn’t it? A nice feel good blog post on how absolutely everything went right? Well it didn’t of course. Stuff very rarely does! Originally our production team wanted to film on Carn Brea to reflect that this is a Cornwall wide project, by showing amazing views of the county and the coast. But the weather was typically Cornish; howling a gale and chucking it down.
So, we ended up at the Melting Pot Café at Krowji in Redruth.

What a filming location! Amazing paraphernalia to get shots of, plenty of space to practice filming, friendly and supportive hosts and a stage. A great place to get creative. Most importantly, there was no wind and rain! The finished video, we feel, is much better for the last minute change of plan. Much like life. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want or plan … but where you end up can be so much better!

Youth In Mind first workshop at Krowji Melting Pot cafe

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