Can you remember what it was like to go up to secondary school? Maybe you haven’t made the move yet, maybe it was recently or maybe it was so long ago you can’t remember! Thing is, it’s quite a big deal and at this time of year, with Year 5’s starting to visit schools to get a taster and Year 6’s preparing to leave primary, it’s definitely at the forefront of our young people’s minds as well as their families, teachers and friends.

So, we were really pleased that our May cohort on YOUth In Mind wanted to make a film about Transition. What’s more, the group from Fowey River Academy are working on a project in their school to make the whole thing a lot easier.

Their peer transition project will see new Year 7s have access to ‘friends’ who already go to the school and who can help them with any questions, worries or issues that come up. They’ll also provide activities to smooth over the step from primary school and will be visiting schools ahead of the summer holidays to start building confidence and reassure new pupils.

We were really impressed by their ideas to make life happier at the school but also by their understanding, empathy and awareness of the feelings, situations and responses that arise.

Watch here … and keep Moving On Up!

Year 7s at Fowey River Academy help Year 5 & 6 transition to secondary school

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