We don’t think so! While producing video content is a huge part of what we do at YOUth In Mind, it isn’t the only form of media we introduce our teams to. Each month our workshops also look at social media and radio content.

Why radio? In the ever changing world of digital media, why focus on airtime? Well there are a hundred reasons why. Here are just a couple that we talk about in our workshops.

Radio is trusted. If you hear something on air research has shown you are more likely to believe it! That’s because it is a personal experience. Radio is a companion throughout your day, whether you’re in the car, doing the dishes or tackling homework. This means listeners build a relationship with the station and presenters and those presenters become a friend almost, a trusted source of information and entertainment.

Another huge reason to love radio is what we call the ‘Theatre of the Mind’. Radio is arguably the most creative medium of all.  Imagination is not limited by the size of the TV screen, phone app, page or poster. Using sound we can create a world inside listeners’ minds to paint pictures and get across key messages. We have huge fun in our radio sessions exploring all the opportunities working with sound gives us!

The great thing about the radio element to the Youth In Mind project though is that our producers get to see the real life outcome of all of their hard work. Each month our team scripts and records the advert that will run on Pirate FM to advertise their video and sign up people for the next month’s topic. Listen out on air – no two have been the same!

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