We loved the title our third team came up with for their Youth In Mind video. Straight to the point isn’t it?! “We’re not different. We’re the same as you”. It very nearly was called “Stop Calling Us Special!”

This month we’ve been looking at disability and learning difficulties and what it’s like to be seen in terms of your label, rather than who you actually are. Our team from Richard Lander School were amazing. We were really impressed by their openness and candidness on living with a condition, but also by how they used the services and support available to them to enable them to live a full life both inside and outside school.

From talking us through the support which works for them to what they’d like to see happen in Cornwall to help change perceptions, while touching on bullying and the fact that every one of us is ‘special’ … our third video gives great insight and proves we are all indeed the same.

Watch the video here

(Oh, and look out for the carrot theme. Random.)

Filming Youth in Mind video 3

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