Looking after your mental health – Usborne Books

Looking after your mental health is an extremely helpful book, for many reasons. Firstly the book focuses on lots of different things throughout it and provides you with a page number to direct you to where to read something in more detail. This is very important to me because the author has taken their time to explain in further detail about such serious and important topics, which I think could help people understand better.

The next thing is that the authors give suggestions for people to try if they’re dealing with anything in that kind of nature. These pages are so easy to find as they have a grey boarder around them. I feel as though this is important it tells you little ways to help yourself.

Throughout the whole of book there is light humour, I think this is to keep the humour light, which it does extremely well. The tone in the book feels open minded and I think could help and I think this will help a lot of people. Whether that be understanding others or understanding themselves.

- Kai, aged 13

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