My 3 Positives & 3 Negatives of Social Media

The answer to whether social media is good or bad for you isn’t as black and white as some would hope it to be. Social media as a whole has its ups and downs, and as such there is multiple reasons on as to why and how people use it. As such I’ve made a list of some of 3 positives 3 negatives I’ve noticed while using social media and how to prevent some of the negatives from affecting you.

Please keep in mind I’m mildly biased and have tried my best to be fair here.


The Positives

The following paragraphs are 3 reasons on why I believe social media can help people.



People can use social media as an easy way of staying in contact with friends and family whether they’re on the other side of the country or next door. Either way, this makes contact a lot easier for people who simply can’t see each other face to face and still want to remember what you look like.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with people you can’t see often.



Memories are important to everyone, because if we don’t make them you won’t have something to look back on to cheer you up a bit whenever you’re feeling down. With social media, you can take the photos that make you happy or the ones you’re proudest of and post them for other people to see. This links in with the next positive I mention.


Expressing Yourself

You be you. On mainstream social media platforms you can create a profile for yourself with a picture of you as your profile picture, post whatever you want (so long as it follows community guidelines of course) and overall, express yourself. Share your views, talents, interests, favourite moments, photos and more whenever you want, wherever you want, for whoever you want to see them. Expression of character is important and you should feel free to express yourself however and wherever you want.


The Negatives

Now is the time to list the possible negatives that could possibly happen to someone using social media, possibly. The following 3 paragraphs are reasons on why I believe social media can also be negative if you aren’t careful.


The Wrong People

If you don’t choose to protect your account and make it private, there is always the possibility that people you wouldn’t want seeing your stuff could stumble upon your account and leave unwelcome or harsh comments.

This could affect anyone who isn’t using a private account and have their face out there.


Identity Theft

If you’re using a public account instead of private, and have put a little too much information about yourself online, you could become a victim of identity theft. This can of course happen to someone with a private account also if you let someone you don’t trust follow you.



Being online which gives access to anonymity to millions of people, it’s unsurprising that you could be exposed to something you wouldn’t want to see. Most social media platforms delete these posts, although you should be aware of the possibility that you may be exposed to things you wouldn’t want to see


Ways To Stay Safe

These are things I do in order to stay safe as I use social media within my day-to-day life


Make Your Account Private

Making your account private gives you more control on who can see your posts and activity, since you choose who can follow you. This can help dramatically in terms of keeping your information and things you post private from the rest of the world.


Keep Your Private Information Private

Keep things like the school you attend, your age and your address private. If the wrong people access this information this could affect your real life in a real way.


Google Your Name

If you want to make sure there’s not too much of your information online, search your name into google and see how much about you shows up. Sometimes your information isn’t even shared by yourself, but friends or family. This is my personal way of checking and may seem a bit extreme.

Each to their own.



Never share information about yourself to people you don’t know on social media. For fairly obvious reasons, this should be avoided if you’re being absolutely secure on your information.



Whilst both of us probably expected a final answer like ‘social media can be positive and negative’, some probably didn’t know how social media could affect us positively or negatively. Hopefully this helped you understand why there will never be a conclusive answer on is it good or bad for us. It can be good, bad and even the ugly whenever it feels like it. With that, I believe the answer to ‘is social media positive or negative’ will never be heard. Instead I believe we should total the amount of positive and negative effects and make a decision from there.

Thank you,

- JL 15

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