It’s finally live!

Back in September some members of the Youth in Mind team planned and shot our newest video. With a day of planning, loads of ideas were thrown into the mix and as the day went on, there was a clear link. It was ultimately decided that the common theme was the idea of ‘being listened to’ when making decisions. A lot of the discussion was linked to how young people felt and that, at times, adults were coming up with pre-conceived notions of how young people act, what they want and their interests…all of which our young people disagreed with.

They wanted the latest video to help project their thoughts and voices and decided to try a combination of different techniques. We’ve got mockumentary, stop motion and interviews to help promote our message and hope that it can help promote a change in attitudes and give people incentive to allow young people to have a say in the areas that affect them and will impact their futures.

One of our members Emma also spoke at this years Mental Health and Emotional Resilience Conference and gave the attendees a sneak peek at the video which went down well and led to some great responses and promotion on social media.

Head to the video page to take a look at the newest effort and please share 🙂

It was great for everyone to be so involved and most of the camerawork was carried out by 2-3 young people, including using the steadicam. There’s a also a few other pieces in the pipeline all being overseen by young people.

Don’t forget to sign up to take part if you’re 10-16….just click Join Us at the top of the website!!

Youth In Mind filming Listen To Us

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