After a bit longer than expected, we’ve finally got the completed video for October!! Better late than never.

More to the point, the young people involved decided to create a video that offers some ideas for self-help, as well as showing how your hobbies help towards the 5 ways to well-being.

The idea process was extremely quick and the team didn’t wait around to begin filming. We spent two days at Treverbyn Community Hall where we were able to film the vast majority, while also relying on the young people recording/bringing in their own footage to add to the video. Back at Pirate FM we made use of the green screen and radio studio to get the last few pieces done and dusted. There were some great ideas and a bit of experimenting needing to be done with the edit to make sure it matched the original ideas.

We’re extremely lucky the weather held for us to do our sections outside.

If you want to investigate the 5 ways to well-being further head to over here. 

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