Wellbeing / Mental Health / Resilience


Your wellbeing is made up of two parts;

Physical Health - the wellbeing of your body and Mental Health - the wellbeing of your mind.

Your mental health is all about how you are feeling, thinking, acting and how well you can cope with day to day life. We all have mental health 

Both your physical health and your mental health change throughout your life.

Your mental health can be good, just OK or it can be poor and make you ill. 

MH up and down help post it


What is resilience?

Resilience is all about 'bouncebackability'!

Resilience can help us cope when things get tough. Resilience helps us learn from set-backs and bounce forward.

That's why we've got a bouncing ball in our logo - to remind us all about resilience

What does Headstart Kernow do?  

HSK wants to help you understand what mental health is and how you can look after it! So you can:

  • Know how to look after your own wellbeing (This is called self-care. Self-care is about the things we can do to look after our own mental health
  • Realise when you need help
  • Know where to get help
  • Be confident to ask for help
  • Help your friends
  • Make sure your voice and your views are heard


  •  This film is great about talking about mental health: