Why don't you?


The 'why don't you' section of our website allows you to put information on the website that anyone from the public can see. This can be submitted by going to the why don't you section and clicking/tapping on 'whats your idea?'. this can be submitted with your name on it or anonymously and will have to go through review by one of the administrators before it gets submitted to the website. You could put information regarding your views on Headstart Kernow and if it has helped you or not and share your mental wellbeing with other teens (mainly aged 10-16) and how you've dealt with it, as i said previously it can be submitted anonymously and you could help other people become stronger and this could seriously impact on how someone deals with there mental health. You could also put something there that could help us spot our flaws in the website and help us improve among them and if there was anything that you thought didn't serve a purpose/didn't help you in any way. 

 Page written by Jamie H, 15. 


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