Exam Stress - Top Tips and Tools

Of course, school and exams are a big deal and exam results can be helpful for your next steps in life but remember you are not defined by your exam grades. There is a lot of pressure around exams whether it is from school, parents and carers or even politicians and the media. 

The stress can sometimes seem overwhelming but there are ways to keep stress levels in check; stay focused & fresh and... even still have time for a social life. 

Check out these tips and tools and find the ones that work for you. 

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Wellbeing Toolkit

Revision and Wellbeing Planner

Download our revision timetable planner.

It reminds you to build in daily wellbeing too!

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Survival Guide 

  • Learn to recognise the signs of stress. If you feel overwhelmed or your stress feel too. Talk (to friends / parents or carers / school staff). Our Get Help page has some useful ideas too. 
  • Remember to focus on yourself not your friends, so avoid comparing your revision with that of your classmates. Everybody does it differently and they don't tell you (or themselves)  the truth about just how well it is going. . 
  • Manage your time. Make a realistic timetable. Stick to it. Everyone approaches revision in different ways so make sure you’ve chosen the method that works best for you.
  • Plan breaks and treats into your revision schedule in order to reward yourself. This includes exercise and time to just play!
  • Eat healthily by having breakfast and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid junk food.
  • Get your eight hours sleep. Wind down before bed by putting away your mobile and tablet.
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