Five ways to wellbeing - Learn to find time for you.


Taking time out just for you is a really great way of recharging the batteries and all about those 'Happy Hormone' brain chemicals! 

Try something new. Join a club. (It's a great way to connect with new people too!) Look up a word you've never come across before. Learn to ride a bike (or even a unicycle!)

Learn how to count to 10 in Cornish. Learn 13 amazing facts about your favourite animal. Teach yourself how to juggle... or Take Time for You

Come to one of our 5 Ways to Wellbeing Activity workshops 

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Ways to find time for you:

  • Read a book you’ve been waiting to get hold of
  • Spend time downloading music you like
  • Pick up a hobby / activity you enjoy but haven’t done for a while
  • Learn a new skill / something new about your hobby or something you're interested in 
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