Five ways to wellbeing - Give


Do something nice for a friend, help out home, thank someone, smile, volunteer your time, join a community group, look out, as well as in.

Any acts of kindness, whether small or large can make you feel happier and more satisfied about life.

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Ways to give:

  • Smile and be willing to give your time to a conversation
  • Check up on a friend
  • Say thank you to someone who has helped you. Send a text, or message or write them a letter to show how much it meant to you.
  • Give unwanted items to a local charity shop
  • Donate your time to do something for someone else; help out a neighbour; carry shopping or offer to baby-sit
  • Offer to help your parents or people you live with round the house
  • Bake a cake and give it to someone
  • Do some volunteering
  • Help out at a local fete or event
  • Nominate someone for an award
  • Give some food to a food bank
  • Give someone a hug
  • Be a mentor for someone
  • Raise money for charity
  • Help an elderly neighbour
  • Be a good role model
  • Stop to help someone struggling with their bags up some stairs.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Do a chore for your family.
  • Say thank you to someone publicly.
  • Learn how to put someone in the Recovery Position
  • Give your pocket money to someone who needs it more than you
  • Give yourself some time to relax
  • Take action to improve your area e.g. suggest ideas for reducing crime, help to clean up graffiti or pick up litter in the park
  • Volunteer for an extra responsibility at school or college
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