HSK youth Coronavirus - Remember to look after your emotional and mental wellbeing 

You might be concerned by things happening because of the Coronavirus and, now, the changes to lockdown and the possibility of some students going back to schoo. Headstart Youth is here to help you find support / information and fun stuff to do.  

BBC Newsround is a really good place to find reliable information. As well as their fantastic website they will be on air more often during the day:


It's OK not to be OK!

Your worries might include things like schools closing, missing exams and uncertainty about what next.  Maybe you have to stay at home with your family to self-isolate. This sort of worry is perfectly normal.

We need to be aware of our mental wellbeing to try to make sure the worries don't take over and start affecting how we are..

So, as well as doing really important things like washing hands for at least 20 seconds you also need to think about your emotional wellbeing too. Here is a (nearly) 20 seconds long film about one of our favourite ways... 


Here are some ideas that might be useful and help look after your mental wellbeing:


If you have any other ideas why not share them using our "Why don't you..." page - we love to see your ideas and share then with other people


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