Take 5 - Young People sharing their thoughts about mental health and looking after their wellbeing

The Start Now website was created by young people involved with Headstart Kernow Youth. They wanted to involve other young people in adding to the site so they came up with the Take 5... Ways to Wellbeing competition. 

Here are some of the fabulous entries we have received so far.  

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May 2020 Winner

The winners in the May 2020 Monthly Lockdown version of the Take 5 competion are Iris H, Yr 7 at Penair School  and Shannan at CHES congratulations and thank you for taking part. Iris shared a really thoughtful poem with some great wellbeing advice... and Shannan a powerful poem about mential health

My Poem by Iris

My Poem:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going,

So whether it is sunny or snowing,

Keep battling on, whatever the weather,

Remember that we’re all in this together,

It’s always okay to feel angry or sad,

But it’s the way that you deal with it that sometimes is bad,

Talk to someone if you don’t feel okay,

There is always a reason to fight for another day,

Find some time to chill out and just be you,

Find some time to do what you like to do,

Distract yourself by doing something fun,

We all feel like that sometimes, you’re not the only one,

Look after yourself, you deserve to be treated,

And take a deep breath whenever you feel heated,

Other people can feel like this too you know,

Their emotions they just don’t know how to show,

It could mean the world to someone if you quietly say,

I noticed this happened, so are you okay?

Write down your worries, tie them to a balloon and say,

Goodbye, little worries, as they fly away,

So next time you are feeling down,

Tell yourself that there’s no need to frown,

It will all work out in the end,

Just talk to a parent, carer, teacher or friend,

Don’t bend your head, but hold it high,

And look your fears straight in the eye,

Tell yourself to never stop trying,

And above the rooftops you’ll soon be flying.




Mental Health - A Poem by Shannan, 16

Mental Health

Is there anyone there

to help me see,

help me remember,

remember to be me?

For I feel like now

I am Someone else,

and I need some help

to find myself.

Sometimes my thoughts

might drift away

with the empty look

I may portray.

You think I’m doing nothing,

but I’m doing my best

to put my busy mind

to rest.

Always so tired

trying to find the strength

and keeping my loved ones

at arms length.

 Shannan, 16



 Another Awesome Winner  for June - Lockdown LIfe by Rocky

Some great suggestions for things to do. Click on the image to download a pdf

Lockdown life


Just one of the brilliant entries from students at Fowey River Academy

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AnxietyFRA Anxiety

God, it's rough. I get tingly teeth, pins and needles and I sometimes can't remember what's going on. God, it's rough. I get tingly teeth, pins and needles and I sometimes can't remember what's going on. 

It's like a sea of emotions from everything from anger to happiness in a flash. Triggers? I could list them all but we'd be here for a while. But I don't like rooms with a lot of people in. Or if I'm late to a lesson and people stare. I feel the most uncomfortable ever. Honestly it's the worse feeling ever and I can't cope sometimes whether it's crying or refusal. I'll either not go in or kick off until I get my own way. Not ideal, right? I try, I honestly do and although it looks like I'm not, I am.

To cope I ground myself - find 5 things I can see, hear, touch, smell and taste.If that doesn't work? well I remind myself who I am, take 10 slow breaths, splash water on my face. take a slow sip of cool water. Sometimes to control my breathing I think of my lungs of 3 sections, breathe in 3 seconds and breathe out 3 seconds. It may not work for somebut it works for me and that's what helps me cope. Lilly.