It's normal to feel a bit worried about exams, especially if you're under pressure from school or family. We're all feeling the same, but remember that it's on temporary and things will get better.

Whether you need urgent help, or just want some more support and advice head over to our get help page.

We’ve got five ways to wellbeing which can help you through exam periods and other stressful times. And while it's not technically one of the five ways to wellbeing sleep is really important to help us too.

Learn to take a break
Get moving
Stop & take notice

Connect - talk about what’s happening

Talking about how you're feeling can reduce stress and help you to figure out what will help.

You could try:

  • Talking to a trusted adult
  • Talking to a friend for support, it will be good for them too so they know they’re not alone
  • Try online or text support through Kooth, YoungMinds, The Mix and Childline find out how on our get help page.


Learn to relax and take breaks

It’s important to take regular breaks and find ways to relax. Taking a break can help you cope with stress, and help you concentrate when you revise.

You could try:

  • Set a timer to remind you to take breaks
  • Plan some regular treats to keep you motivated: a nice snack, movie, time with friends
  • Make a revision schedule so you know when you have breaks and try to stick to it
  • Try one of the other five ways to wellbeing steps
  • Make sure you take at least one day off revising each week


Get moving and try to eat well

It’s hard to remember to do things to keep ourselves healthy when we’re stressed.

You could try:

  • Eat healthily- plan some healthy snacks and meals if you can you could try out these brain boosting snacks (plus we'll get a break while making them!)
  • Try not to skip meals
  • Move around- go for a walk, take an exercise class, go for a bike ride, or skateboarding! Just choose something active that you love to do!
  • Self-care- find things that make you feel relaxed- could be a movie, a bubble bath, a long drive- whatever works for you!



Giving something to other people is really good for your mental wellbeing and could be a great mood booster to help keep stress levels down

You could try:

  • Helping a friend to take a break
  • Visit an elderly neighbour or family member, they’d probably love to spend some time with you
  • Give someone a hug
  • Give your parents and hand with jobs in the house (earns you some extra brownie points too!).


Stop and take notice – do you know the signs of stress?

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Having negative thoughts about the future
  • Getting headaches or feeling unwell frequently
  • Not eating or feeling hungry due to worrying
  • Constantly thinking or worrying about your exams
  • Not able to enjoy things you normally enjoy

Stress affects everyone differently, but if you are worried, it’s OK to talk to someone.


Get enough sleep 

Five Ways sleep

 Getting enough sleep can help you focus and feel less stressed. Sleep also helps your brain process and save the learning you’re trying to do for your exams.

You could try:

  • Make a schedule and stick to it- choose a bedtime that will ensure you get lots of sleep
  • Avoid caffeine in the evenings
  • Build time into your schedule to unwind before bedtime
  • Plan meals early in the evenings
  • Put your phone away an hour before bedtime. Try not to be on your phone in bed.

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