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Coronavirus has changed many things about our daily lives inlcuding how school might be when the new school year starts and we head back to school.

 We'd love to know how you're feeling about going back to school and how you're doing generally... 

Take part in RU OK? now 

Or go to and use the digit code 93 62 18 

RU OK? is completely anonymous and secure. You can check out our privacy / data protection stuff here

What you tell us will help us and your schools, the council and others to better support your wellbeing. 

When it's finished we'll share a summary of the results of RU OK? here - thank you for taking part 
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Staying Safe 

Because it is anonymous we can't respond to individuals - if you're struggling and would like to speak to someone click the 'need help now?' button below. Remember It's OK not be OK... and help is on hand if you need it.

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Wow - Nearly 1200 of you took part in the first survey - Thank you.

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