The #Connect #HelloYellow Challenge 2021


Friday the 8th October is #HelloYellow Day 

Take Part in the Start Now #Connect #HelloYellow Challenge and help us to show young people they are not alone! 

#HelloYellow Worst Yello Joke Competition

What's yellow and dangerous? 

custard pic


The power of small things

Sometimes, it is the small things that make the biggest difference to how someone is feeling.

A smile, a kind word, a positive message... 


Share your "Message on Banana" Bananagram for a young person who is struggling and let them know they are not alone...

There will be prizes for our favourite messages / best decorated bananagram!

Fab wellbeing books - like Marcus Rashford's 'How to be a Champion or The Toolbox of Wellbeig Journal

Our #HelloYellow mascot Bobbel and more.... 


Check out the boring but important stuff about rules here. And then complete the entry form / attach your entry

Download a bananagram template 

bananagram template




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